Pay It Forward

If you are holding one of these cards then you have now been joined in a chain of events that we hope you will see to its conclusion.


June 12, 2016 in Bristol, Tennessee was a day like any other Sunday, but for 56 people these 500 cards would change their lives.  The 56 had been working for a better world through years of meals for shut-ins, prayer shawls for the sick, bake sale fundraisers and emergency assistance for needy families but when they looked up from this work, they realized they couldn’t possibly create this world alone.

They want a world where the mournful are comforted, the hungry and thirsty are filled, a world of mercy and peace. (Matthew 5) They decided to each complete ONE act of kindness for 3 different strangers in their everyday lives and then to ask those people to #payitforward so each act was like a pebble in a pond causing ripples of kindness throughout a hurting world.

These 56 people are artists, teachers, shoe saleswomen, doctors, yoga teachers, 911 operators, realtors and lawyers who decided the status quo isn’t enough — but to affect real change in the world they simply can’t do it alone.

You have been chosen to complete one #randomactofkindness

Please, leave a comment about how you received your card and what your next step will be

Will you accept the call, and carry our hope forward?



One thought

  1. In one day, i did 3 good deeds, but only remembered to give someone a card once — D’oh! the time I remembered, I borrowed a truck and helped a friend haul junk to the dump, finish cleaning out her house, and tetris up her car so she could move out of state. She was really positive about the idea of a pay it forward card and was excited to pass it on in her new town. Who knows how far the ripples will go?


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