Newsletter: November 3-11, 2021

First United Methodist Church of Bristol, Tennessee

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Welcome to In-Person Worship Again….

If you are uncomfortable with worshiping in person or unable to join us for whatever reason, please tune in as we live-stream the service on Facebook.

> Enter the narthex doors beside the sanctuary.

> Wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose continuously.

> Maintain at least six feet of space between yourself and anyone outside of your immediate household.

> Minimize your use of the lavatory and sanitize the spaces you use, and

> Exit the Sanctuary through the side doors closest to the parking lot.

Schedule Adjustment:

In-person worship at 11:00a.m. Sundays in the sanctuary can also be viewed on the church Facebook page.
If you have not connected to FUMC via Facebook, please go do that. You can also connect to Rev. Berg on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram. He will try to share uplifting and empowering things on those media.

All Saints SundayNovember 7, 2021

John 11:32-44

“Take Away the Stone”
Rev. Berg

Last Sunday at First UMC

23rd Sunday After Pentecost

October 31, 2021

O Crucified Redeemer by David Evans; Phil Haga, Organist

Opening Hymn UMH 369 Blessed Assurance

Special music Now I Belong To Jesus by Norman J. Clayton; Phil Haga, soloist, and Betty Curtis, accompanist

Ruth 1:1-18 (selections)

Mark 12:28-34

Where You Go, I Will Goby Rev. Berg

Hymn of Benediction TFWS 2129 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Postlude Sounds of the Season; Phil Haga, organist

From the Pastor’s Pen
November 7, 2021

This Sunday, we’ll celebrate the Feast of All Saints. We will celebrate the lives of members of our community who have passed since last All Saints Day. This is a meaningful time to pray for each other in our grief and to celebrate the lives of those folks who have shaped us, especially in our faith.

So this Sunday, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating these saints who have joined the great cloud of witnesses:

John Coppedge
Connie Hatcher
Darlene McCraney
Marty Moore
Robert Nelson Thomas
Martha Miller Witherspoon


Find the order of service here

and come pray with Rev. Berg here.

Morning Prayer

Rev. Berg streams morning prayer live on Facebook on weekday mornings in the 8:00 am hour.
Share your prayer requests with him or join him online.


The Preptits are most concerned about the missionaries and family members who have been kidnapped by a gang in Haiti.  This is another worry on top of so many for them.  Can you imagine if this happened in our country!  Please pray for the Haitian people and the Preptits and the missionaries.

The items collected for the Haiti earthquake are on their way to Haiti.  The Preptits took them to Memphis to start them on their way.  There is a person chosen to pick them up and save them until they can be used.  Right now the Preptits are not able to travel to Haiti. The situation is just too dangerous.

Please pray for the Haitian people and the Preptits.  This is a most difficult time.

Elk Garden School Community Ministries needs 600 cans of SpaghettiOs or Ravioli for Holiday Boxes. Rev. Natalie Justice will pick them up by November 15th.

From the Finance Committee:

Red Number Report from Finance

As of September 1, we were-$9,929.91 in our General Fund.  As of September 30 we are -$27,253.18
There are no more loans to count on.  If you have not had the opportunity to give to the church, please consider donating at this time.  There are three months left in our fiscal year to change the report to BLACK Numbers.

It’s Charge Conference Time!

Charge Conference is the Election Season of the local United Methodist Church. The mission and the membership (that’s you!) of the local church is represented in the work of multiple teams, including (but not limited to):

Administrative Council

Finance Committee

Board of Trustees

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Lay Leadership Committee

Missions Team

Worship Team

I hope you’ll do a handful of things in preparation for this year’s Charge Conference.

  1. Pray. We need the power and guidance of your prayer for us, but also because prayer (as noted below) guides you to…
  2. Get Involved. The gifts you bring to Christ’s Body are unique and beautiful and important. You see the needs of our community and the gifts of our church in a way that nobody else does, and we need your voice, your hands, and your feet.
  3. Be Present. Charge Conference is the one regularly scheduled time we, as a church, are democratic. This is when your vote counts loudly and clearly. This is also when we get to see what ministries and miracles other churches around us are celebrating, and that’s an exciting thing to hear!

So put Charge Conference on your calendar, and in the meantime, talk to your Lay Leadership Committee about how God is nudging you to get involved and active at FUMC Bristol this year. We need to hear from you.

The Lay Leadership Committee is:

Brandon Berg

Sue Dietz

Sandy Gorrell

Trinka Felty

Annual Conference Nominees Needed

Each District of the Holston Conference is allotted a certain number of at-large members of the Annual Conference in addition to those elected at Charge Conference and in other ministry areas. There are currently more laity positions available than nominees. If you are interested in being a member of the Holston Annual Conference in 2022 with full voting rights, please contact Rev. Berg or our Clinch Mountain District Administrative Assistant, Monika Hunter. 

A Note From Our Lay Leader

Fall Back…

Where has this year gone?  Fall is here, daylight savings ends this Sunday, Christmas is less than two months and it’s time to plan for the Thanksgiving celebration.  I love Thanksgiving.  It’s a time our family takes to relax, fellowship and talk about why we are thankful.

What are you thankful for?  These past couple years may have made it harder to realize just how fortunate we are.  Most of us have remained healthy due to vaccines.  More children and grandchildren will soon have the opportunity to feel that protection.  We may not find everything we want at the store right now, but we are not deprived. I’ve decided that for me it is time to find the good in those things that seem to be trying to bring me down.  

Photo by Monstera on

Please join me in remembering God’s promises and looking for the good even in the troublesome.  We always have God with us.  Take time to quiet the noise and talk to God.  You know the best time for you…in the morning, in the evening or even when you are driving.  

Sue Dietz

The Emmaus Ministries Virtual Walk and Challenge takes place October 1 – November 12, 2021. During this six-week period, we challenge you to walk 14,000 steps (7 miles/ 11.5 kilometers) (approximately the distance between Jerusalem and Emmaus) at your convenience and in the area of your choice, wherever you might be. Learn more here or at the registration link above.

Send Your Pictures, News, and Announcements to Publish in the Newsletter

For each publication, information is needed by noon on Wednesday.

Give Online

Calendar of Events

Nov 3-11, 2021

Sundays 6:08 pm

Bristol Hub Youth at Reynolds Memorial UMC

Thursday, Nov 4

8:00pm – AA

November 7

All Saints Sunday

11:00am – Sunday Service at FUMC and available for viewing on Facebook and You Tube

8:00pm – AA

Nov 8

King Institute for Faith and Culture Lecture Series: Peter Croft, Founder, J.B. Phillips Society

9:15 a.m. Memorial Chapel J.B. Phillips: The Ring of Truth and the Price of Success

7:00 p.m. Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Bristol, Va. J.B. Phillips: The Fresh Air of Heaven

Tuesday, Nov 9

8:00pm – AA

Nov 14

11:00am – Sunday Service at FUMC and available for viewing on Facebook and You Tube

Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday

2:30pm – Charge Conference: Bristol Missional Hub at John Wesley UMC

8:00pm – AA

Nov 25


Nov 28

11:00am – Sunday Service at FUMC and available for viewing on Facebook and You Tube

United Methodist Student Sunday

First Sunday of Advent

Bristol Missional Hub Advent Services will be virtual this year, posted on Wednesdays during Advent.

First United Methodist Church
Rev. Brandon Berg, Pastor (276.237.6498) 
322 Vance Dr., Bristol, TN 37620

Our Vision – Building A Community Where Anyone Can Become A Deeply Committed Christian

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