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January 16-22 , 2020

Second Sunday after the Epiphany

January 19, 2020
John 1:29-42

Look! The Lamb of God!

Rev. Brandon Berg
From the Pastor's Pen
On Monday afternoon, I’ll be at the Paramount in downtown Bristol, gathering with folk whose desire is to continue the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ll march from the Paramount to the train depot, and celebrate there that there are people in our community who desire to see an end to all the structures and practices that marginalize people in any way.

It’s not a big thing, not a major commitment, this march. It’s a short walk and a few hours of my time. But it’s important that I be there. It’s important to me to be a face, a presence advocating for justice and righteousness. I feel like my absence would communicate apathy or even opposition to a cause I feel very strongly about.

I hope you’ll join us. I know we’re busy people, and our schedules are complicated, but if you have a little time Monday afternoon, I hope you’ll bring your presence to the body gathered that day to show each other and Bristol and anyone else whose attention we capture that we still dream of a world in which all God’s children are valued and beloved and celebrated.

You see, it really isn’t enough to sit at home and watch a parade on TV or YouTube or go back and read Dr. King’s speeches and sermons again. Being informed is important, but those are things we can do any time. They enrich us, but they don’t communicate our commitment to our community.

There are too many loud voices and angry faces screaming racist and violent vitriol today for us to continue to retreat into our comfortable, safe spaces and wait out the storm. The storm isn’t waning. It is building. If we do not stop it, it will eventually sweep us all away.

We must stand for what is right. It is too late to be passively prayerful. It is time to engage.

I’m asking a small thing of you. I hope that, while we gather on Monday, you’ll be inspired to do a bigger thing. In fact, I know that if you open yourself to the possibility, you will be inspired to do a bigger thing. That’s just how the inspiring Spirit of God works.

So, Monday afternoon, I hope I’ll see you at the Paramount. Let’s step together into Dr. King’s dream, into God’s beautiful future for us all. Let’s celebrate that we are all sisters and brothers in the luxurious tapestry of God’s creation.


The church gratefully
acknowledges a gift
to the Memorial Fund
by David and Bea Fleenor
in Memory of
his Parents
Bill and Grace Fleenor
The church gratefully
acknowledges a gift
to the Memorial Fund
by Donna and Tom Felty
in Memory of
their Son
Allen Thomas Felty, III
This Week's Feed the Hungry Offering Is for Human Relations Day
Human Relations Day is a Special Sunday for the United Methodist church supporting those living in the margins.

Read these words in Luke:
“13 But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. 14 And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

This is the spirit of Human Relations Day: helping those on the margins and offering a message of hope. Let’s continue the ministry of Jesus with a united front through the Human Relations Day Special Sunday. Together as a church, we participate in helping our communities and being a bright light at home.
Blessing Bundles Fundraiser for Recovery Road

How does this work? Contribute $15 per Blessing Bundle

How many may I purchase? One, two, twenty . . . Options are limitless!

How will my donation be used?" Bundles will be combined to restock Bristol Recovery Road with new kitchen supplies. You can do this through PayPal., or give Karoline Berg your donation.

Get the complete story on WCYB’s website here
Last Sunday at First UMC
Matthew 3:13-17
My Child, the Beloved by Rev. Brandon Berg
But here is my servant, the one I uphold;
my chosen, who brings me delight,
I've put my spirit upon him;
he will bring justice to the nations,
He won't cry out or shout aloud
or make his voice heard in public.
He won't break a bruised reed;
he won't extinguish a faint wick,
but he will surely bring justice.
He won't be extinguished or broken
until he has established justice in the land.
The coastlands await his teaching.
~Isaiah 42:1-4
Renewing Our Covenant of Baptism
Baptized, let us go to live in faith.
We will bring healing to the broken
and offer God's joy to those who grieve.
Baptized, let us go to serve.
At the side of Jesus, we will serve the hungry,
we will give shelter to the homeless.
Baptized, let us go to be a voice.
We will echo the Spirit of calling for peace,
we will never stop speaking against injustice.
Baptized, let us go to do what is right.
Finding you, God in Community, Holy in One,
waiting for us to join you beside all your Beloved children.
(0c) Thom M. Shuman
We continue to collect food items for the Elk Garden
Community School Ministry.
A collection bin is located in the narthex.
January 9, 2020
Dear Friends,
Please accept my sincere thanks for your ongoing support of Anderson Elementary School families of need during the Thanksgiving holiday season. The caring spirits and generosity of your congregation allowed families the opportunity to experience memorable holiday celebrations! I am so grateful for all the kindnesses of First United Methodist Church aimed to assist us in ensuring the academic success of Anderson boys and girls. Best wishes to all for a blessed 2020!
Very Sincerely,
Kay Ward
Family/Community Engagement
Yoga Stretch & Strengthen Class
Yoga Class had fun at playing “Goat Yoga.”
Worship Committee will meet on January 19 at 12:15 p.m. in the choir room. This will be our first meeting of the year to plan and organize worship events for 2020. All who are interested in being a part of this committee are welcome to attend.

Choir will not rehearse on January 19.
Homebound Committee Meeting Set

Thursday, January 23
10:30 a.m.
Church Library
Ministers Convocation
Flourish: Health and Growth for Every Church
February 17 – 19
Pigeon Forge, TN
May 5-15, 2020
Holston Annual Conference
June 7-10, 2020
Lake Junaluska, NC
Camp Bays Mountain
Our community and local churches have a need that Camp Bays Mountain is fulfilling. Last year forty-two campers made first time decision to follow Christ and thirty-nine indicated a call into ministry while at summer camp.

Consider a gift to enable Camp Bays Mountain to complete its funding.
When you give to camp, you are investing in the next generation.
Mail checks to Camp Bays Mountain, PO Box 2706, Kingsport, TN 37604.
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Send your photos and announcements for the Newsletter
call Carol at 423.652.2811 Tu-Th, 9-2.
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Your Church Event and Planning Calendar
January 16-22, 2020
Thursday, January 16
6:00pm-Yoga with Jean-The Upper Room

Friday, January 17
5:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Studio
6:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Studio

Saturday, January 18
9:00am-Holston Quilters Guild-TH

Sunday, January 19
9:30am-The River Contemplative Worship Service-TH
9:30am-Shaw-Anchor Adult Sunday School
10:00am-Common Ground Worship-Chapel
11:00am-Traditional Worship Service-Sanctuary
12:15pm-Worship Committee
Monday, January 20
6:00pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Studio
Tuesday, January 21
Wednesday, January 22
6:30pm-Youth Activity

To make changes or additions to the calendar contact Alan Gorrell 423-652-7377
or Sandy Gorrell 423-652-1987.

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