From the Pastor’s Pen – All Saints Day

The forecast for Thursday evening is rain. Rain and plummeting temperatures. Will that keep children inside and away from the most magnificent candy collection of the calendar year? I doubt it.

Children probably look forward to this day as much as they look forward to Christmas. I wonder if they realize that Halloween isn’t actually the feast day; it’s the eve thereof. I guess that depends on how well we’ve educated them, and that probably speaks to our family’s priorities.

Maybe this year is a good opportunity for a change of pace, or of pattern. Once the kids have roused themselves on Friday morning from their chocolate hangovers, invite them to light a taper for the saints you mourn in your family or in your circle of immediate relationships. Explain to them why we celebrate the Feast of All Saints.

Tell them how, every year on November 1, we remember. Our lives are shaped and enriched by the people who have taught us about love and patience and goodness. Our hearts are warmed by the people who have taught us about the power of Jesus to change lives. Embrace those beautiful little disciples and tell them that this year, some of those people have left our lives and are cuddled up with Jesus. Today is a day we remember them and we celebrate how they have made our lives more beautiful and more blessed.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Name them. Share their pictures. Light a candle to show the light they’ve brought into your life.

Today is for remembering.

Today is for giving thanks for them.

Tell them.

Then pack some of that candy into their lunches. Their teachers will appreciate it. 😉

Have a blessed Feast of All Saints.