From the Pastor’s Pen – Noticing

There is a squirrel who comes to the church and sits on our overhead brick structures to crack open nuts and have a meal. I watched him after a Sunday service once, and he didn’t seem at all perturbed about having an audience. He looked at me and went back to his business. I’ve seen the shells he has left on top of our brick entryways to the sanctuary and on top of our rain collectors. He doesn’t apparently have just one place to perch himself, but he definitely likes to be up above everybody.

I’m not really sure what to make of that. Maybe there’s no lesson to be learned from his practice. I don’t suppose he is trying to gather an audience, to eat as a performance practice. I assume he just feels safer from a higher vantage point.

I’m glad he and his refuse caught my attention. I’m glad I allowed my attention to be caught. I get awfully busy sometimes, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been busier than usual lately. It can be easy for me to focus on a goal or be lost in my own thoughts and planning going from place to place. It can be easy for me to miss what is happening all around me.

I need to quiet myself, unlock my driven gaze, and let God distract me more.

I know there’s a place for being focused. I know there are deadlines to be met. But there are also things going on around me all the time, and they’re not clamoring for my attention. They’re just waiting to be noticed.

God, help me notice more. In the moments of surprise and joy, that’s where I’ll find you.


Featured image on this post by JL G from Pixabay