From the Pastor’s Pen: Come Together

Our vision: Building a community where anyone can become a deeply committed Christian.

I’ve been dwelling on what a future looks like for FUMC in the past few months. I have some ideas, some possibilities, maybe some concerns and even fears. But whatever I dream is only my personal dream. All I can offer is my own perspective. What I need is yours.

I’m convinced that FUMC has a lot to offer our community. We have a lot that is unique to us that will bring us to a point of thriving and vibrancy if we will lean into them. But we need to move out of a place of fear and into a place of boldness.

Maybe I should say that more personally, because I don’t think I’m quite there yet, either.

I need to move out of a place of fear and I need to move into a place of boldness.

I need your help. I need you to help me envision what it looks like to build this community where any person can find and grasp the tools to become deeply committed in a journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

I wonder if it looks like what UMCNext is dreaming right now in Kansas City, whose organizers have gathered themselves around five fundamental tenets:

  1. We will not accept the Traditional Plan approved at General Conference.
  2. We are committed to being a church of justice and inclusion for all people.
  3. We call for the elimination of the incompatibility language and restrictions and penalties in the Disciple regarding LGBTQ+ persons.
  4. We are committed to a Wesleyan vision of Christianity that passionately embraces both the evangelical and social gospel as we seek to follow Jesus Christ.
  5. We believe this vision is the path to a hope-filled future for The United Methodist Church.

That sounds promising to me, but I am not the Church. That’s not how the song goes. It doesn’t stop there.

I am the Church!
You are the Church!
We are the Church together!
All who follow Jesus,
all around the world!
Yes, we’re the Church together!

I’m convinced that it’s time to gather ourselves back together, to stop reacting and hiding, and to boldly offer the healing and forgiveness and deep love of Jesus that the Holy Spirit is pouring out in a unique way through us.

And I need you, all y’all, to envision that outpouring with me and go out with the mission of transforming our world into the family God intends us to be together.