From the Pastor’s Pen: Changes

It’s transition time again for our families with school-age children. Specifically, for the Berg household, it’s transition time into a season of constant transition. We have one week committed to Annual Conference, two weeks when we’ll have children at Camp Bays Mountain, one week when we’ll have the girls at Camp Linden (Girl Scouts), and some time in the midst of all that when we’ll visit friends and family in Michigan.

When all that’s done, it’ll be time to transition into school starting again.

Is this chaos really what we signed up for?

Oh, Rebekah is also transitioning into the next level of gymnastics, Sarah is transitioning into Innovation Academy, and Noah is transitioning from clarinet to percussion with a little help from some local drummer you probably know.

If I wanted to, I suppose I could keep looking around and create a really lengthy list of all the things that keep changing around us. I’d veer dangerously into complaining territory, then. You don’t want that, do you?

I shouldn’t gripe. Transition is a fundamental element of creation. Nothing I can do will stop that. The only constant in creation is the Creator, and I’m fairly convinced that the Divine adapts and changes just as creation does; or at least our observations of God through the kaleidoscope of our limited perspective are shifting with dizzying incessancy.

The only way we can imagine God unchanging, I’m convinced, is to close the eyes of our imagination altogether and insist on whatever image we last grasped.

Change is okay. Transition is good. If it weren’t so, I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t have put the cosmos in motion in the first place.

God intends change. God intends transition. God intends transformation.

I think that’s just part of God’s creative, imaginative personality.

Transition is going to happen. What’s left to us is to find a way to embrace it, to keep from being anxious about it, but instead (how does it go?) in all things to give thanks.

Some wise person once said, “a change is gonna do you good.”

And it was good. And it will keep being good.