From the Pastor’s Pen – Pause

I had another involved conversation about coffee the other day. Most conversations about coffee delve into the topics of desperation and addiction (I don’t sleep enough, which makes me desperate for the bean, and the desperation leads to dependence on it.) This particular conversation revolved around the type of coffee I was ingesting at the time. It was a cold brew, which I described as very easy to put together:

1/2 oz coarse ground coffee
1 1/2 c cold water
stir to combine
refrigerate overnight
filter well

Most mornings start with something even easier, though: a double shot of espresso. It’s quick and low in acid and is exactly the right size. There’s no waiting for a drip machine involved. There’s no waste or burnt stuff, and cleanup is more straightforward.

It might serve me well, though, to slow down and enjoy something that requires more patience. Maybe a nice cup of hot tea. That would be very British, wouldn’t it?

I don’t do myself many favors being constantly rushed everywhere I go, or being constantly tired from late evenings and early mornings. It might be that what I need is to pause, pack some fragrant black tea into a diffuser, pour some nearly-boiling water over it, and wait.

Just wait.

Maybe I should watch the water darken and pay attention to my blood pressure. Maybe I should breathe a little more slowly.

Pause. Wait.

That’s probably a good practice for a lot of what I do.

Pause. Wait.

My hyper caffeinated immediate reactions aren’t necessarily the best I can offer.

I thought I might share that reflection with you today. Maybe it resonates with you, too.

Pause. Wait.