From the Pastor’s Pen: Listen


Your mind is occupied with myriad concerns and worries and tasks. Set them aside. Just for a moment, still yourself.


Let the sound around you catch your attention.

The hum of the computer fan. The whisper of the air conditioner. The settling of the house in creaks and pops.

Let them catch your attention. Take comfort, then set them aside.


The rustling of leaves. The song of birds. The arguing of squirrels. The play of children.

Let them catch your attention. Revel in them, then set them aside.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay


The air through your nose and mouth. The little ringing in your ear. The beating of your heart.

Let them catch your attention. Be thankful, then set them aside.


A voice. A word. An image.

Reach out the hand of your heart. Receive it. Grasp it. It is yours. It is a gift.

What is it?

It is unique to you. How does it change you, this divine gift?

Lift up the eyes of your heart to the Giver. Offer your thanks.


Open yourself to the creation around you. You are where you need to be. Take your gift and be fully present in that place with it.


You and that gift will transform the world.


Featured Image on Post by Couleur from Pixabay