From the Pastor’s Pen: Patience, Fruit, and Equinox

When I awoke Wednesday morning, the thermostat in our house told me it was 32º outside, and the weather app on my phone said it was locally 27º. Karoline later reminded me it was the first day of Spring, and I found myself a little frustrated at the weather for not acting more Springy.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

As we were preparing breakfasts and packing lunches, Sarah and Rebekah and I were discussing the beginning of Spring, and Sarah tried to catch a word tumbling around in her mind that she had learned recently relating to the first day of Spring and the time…

“Equinox?” I asked.


I found myself a little frustrated about Daylight Savings Time, glancing out the window and finding the earth still dark.

I find it easy to let some things frustrate me.

Perhaps “annoy” is a better word, but I think “frustrate” is appropriate, too, with its root in the concept of blocking or impeding something.

I’m allowing the insistently cold and dark morning to put me in a frigid, shadowy mood. I’m letting the weather frustrate my joy.

You know, there’s nothing I could possibly do about the time the sun rises or the temperature at its lowest this morning. All I can do is make another cup of coffee to counter my body’s reaction to the dark, and make sure I get our cars started a few minutes before we have to leave so they have some time to warm up.

I can’t do anything about the weather, but I can choose how I react.

That kind of self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. For that matter, so are joy, and patience. All that fruitiness tends to play together. One helps another grow. Ignoring one tends to make another wither.

Personally, I prefer ripe and plump fruit.

So I’m going to try to frustrate my frustration by choosing joy and patience and self-control. That’s a good place to start. That’s something I can do something about.

Spring will come in her own good time and in her own good way. I’ll just enjoy watching her dance and throw her colors around, and see what I can do to dance with her.