FUMC Bristol Newsletter May 25th-May 31st, 2017


Vital Congregation Sermon Series
Week 5:
The Necessity of Small Group Ministry
 Vital Congregation Series
Drivers of Vital Churches
(using Scripture, Denominational Statistics and Personal Interviews to tell the story)
May 28   Small Group Ministries and their Absolute Necessity for Future Sustainability (It’s about belonging and community!)
June 4:  Strong Children’s and Youth Ministry Programs  (Holy Communion)

June 11:  “Weird Church” and Next Steps (Weird Church by Beth Ann Estock and Paul Nixon)
June 18:    Welcoming and New Pastor and Parsonage Family in a Vital Church Fashion!  
BellaSheal Graybeal Shadows 
Pastor Michelle
If you are nine years old and want to find out if you might like to be a pastor one day,  you could ask to ‘shadow’ your pastor. And that is exactly what BellaShea requested!
So this past Tuesday (just after Bella picked up her report card on the last day of school), she and Pastor Michelle took a full tour of the church, interviewed the custodian (who has been with First 30 years), talked about how to prepare bulletins, newsletters, and congregational letters.   We also talked about performing marriages and officiating at funerals and we discussed how a pastor counsels folks, helps plan and attend meetings, studies to prepare a weekly sermon and administers the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.   Bella got to see all the pastor’s vestments, including stoles and their symbolism.  We also toured the sacristy to see where we keep all the accoutrements for Worship.   We looked at the pastor’s library of books.
   We then prepared Holy Communion and took it to share with Shirley Olson at her new home at Brookdale.  Bella, Shirley and Pastor Michelle were happy to share such an intimate time together.  Then Bella and Pastor Michelle drove to see Bill Olson to visit with him too.
 They topped off the day with lunch at Macado’s and  banana pudding at Blackbird Bakery.   Bella had to take the ‘selfie’ to prove we spent the day together–a day I think we will both long remember and cherish!

We are excited for you BellaShea and trust that God will guide you to your perfect vocation!
When you see Bella, tell her you read about her in the church newsletter and ask her about her adventure!

Welcome our New Parsonage Family!
The Reverend Brandon Berg and wife, Karoline
Noah, Sarah and Rebekah.
Brandon’s first Sunday with us will be July 2
The SPR Committee is happy to introduce the Brandon Berg family to First UMC.  Brandon and Karoline have three children: Noah – entering 6th grade; Sara – entering 4th grade, and Rebecca – entering 2nd grade.
Brandon is an ordained elder and has served several churches. He is coming to us from a two-point charge in Galax, Virginia. He holds an undergraduate degree from ETSU in voice and opera. He has a camping ministry background from working at Buffalo Mountain Camp for several summers. Brandon and Noah are very interested in running and have completed half marathons. Brandon says he really
enjoys meeting and talking with people.
Brandon is especially interested in worship and has experienced many styles.
 He is anxious to begin working with us and being a part of the hunt for our music department leadership.
Karoline is a teacher and is looking for a position in the area where she has already taught in the past. The kids were excited to see the wonderful big yard at the parsonage and are trying to figure out who gets which bedroom!
Saying Goodbye Is So Hard To Do
On June 11, we will say goodbye to Michelle and Gary at a family covered dish lunch following the 11 o’clock service. Please plan to join us as we wish them a fond farewell. In the next weeks we will be accepting contributions to a love offering. If you wish to contribute, please mark your check or offering as “Love Offering.”
Spring Parsonage Photos
Celebrating Some of Last Sunday’s
Sweet Moments During Children’s Church . . .
Teens Hiking at Rooster Front Park
Christian Leadership Conference was strengthening – for the
body and spirit!

Gary and Joe hiked one and and one-half hours up

                         High Top Mountain (1,260 feet) — really close to God!
Sunday’s Feed The Hungry Offering
Our “Feed the Hungry” offering this week is for Local School Missions. This fund helps families in need within the Bristol School System.
Calling All Children – To Be Super Heroes!!
Discover Your Strength In God!!
June 12-15, 6 pm-8:30 pm
Conducted by Heroic Members of 1st United Methodist Church and
Addilynn Memorial United Methodist Church
at Addilynn UMC
2017 Annual Conference
Lake Junaluska, NC
June 11-14
Photographic Highlights from the May 12th Reading Buddy Banquet
Our program now spans three schools:
Anderson Elementary,
Avoca and Fairmont.
We celebrate some nine or so reading buddies from First Church alone!
Mother’s Day Experiences at FUMC . .
This Mother’s Day, Chris Gorrell made quite the fashion statement with his colorful Flamingo Suit!  Pastor Michelle even invited him to come forward to assist her with the Children’s Sermon. The kids enjoyed both his leadership and his attire!
Here Chris is pictured with his Mother, Sandy Gorrell. This color-coordinated Mother and son captured our attention and our hearts this special Sunday.
Mothers’ Day Sighting!
It was a delight to have Madge and Lisa Gray in worship with us for Mother’s Day.  Madge is a resident at Broadmore Assisted Living Center where her daughter Lisa ( RN) is a frequent guest and all-around friendly helper to staff and residents.
It is always such a blessing when folks are able to return to church, even if only occasionally!

Music.. a Spiritual Experience
Pictured is Kelly Logan playing her trumpet in worship this past Mother’s Day. The title of the selection was My Soul Has Found a Resting Place,” a medley of familiar hymns. It was a technical masterpiece and spiritual experience for those present.

Folks leaving Sunday School (after The River) even stopped in to see who was behind the mesmerizing trumpet.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Kelly!  We look forward to the next time!
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 Calendar & Events Schedule 
   Week of May 25th – May 31st

Thurs, May 25:   6:00pm-Missions Meeting-Library

                    6:00pm-Yoga with Jean-Yoga Studio

                    6:30pm-Mankind Project-Youth Room


 Fri, May 26:     5:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Room
                6:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Room 
 Sat, May 27:    8:00pm-NA
 Sun, May 28:      9:30am-Sunday School Hour
9:30am-The River Service, TH
11:00am-Traditional Worship, Sanctuary
(childcare is provided from 9:30am to 12:00pm;children may be picked up at any time)

Mon, May 29:   6:00pm-Belly Dancing Class-Yoga Room
                   7:00pm-Hispanic Congregation PVUMC
Tues, May 30:    8:00am-Men’s Prayer Group-TH
Wed, May 31:    9:00am-Haiti Meeting- Library
                    6:30pm-Youth Activity
                    7:00pm-Chancel Choir
 To make changes or additions to the calendar
          contact Alan Gorrell 423-652-7377 
        or Sandy Gorrell 423-652-1987.
Our Vision-
Building A Community Where Anyone
Can Become
A Deeply Committed Christian

First United Methodist Church

 322 Vance Dr., Bristol, TN 37620


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