FUMC Bristol Newsletter March 9-15th, 2017

photography by Kelly Logan

We’re a curious lot, meaning we give ourselves to the quest for knowledge.
We pride ourselves in what we know. And.we like to be ‘in the know’.
Information equals Power equals, Control. To that end, we like things to go according to plans, And when they don’t, well…someone’s to blame!
Maybe we need to just give up some of our ‘expectations’ and find another way to live?
Genesis 12:1-4a and John 3:1-17
March 12th, 2017
Lent 2
“‘Giving Up Expectations”

Lenten Sermon Series:
Giving it Up 
March 5-April 16, 2017
With the arrival of Lent, the practice of shedding worn out habits  and “taking on” life-giving disciplines is in their place is nothing new to us.
But Lent is about more than giving up chocolate and Facebook for 40 days.
  Come and See!
Click here to see Giving It Up, Lent Series
Easter Sunday
 April 16 
10:00  a.m. Joint Worship Service in Sanctuary
11:15  a.m.  Easter Brunch (bring your favorite breakfast/brunch foods to share)
11:45 ish  Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday School classes
can decide whether to meet before, afterwards or to take a break for the week.
Carol Wright’s Retirement Reception:  UMW-Sponsored
Sunday, March 26th
Save the Date!

Health Kits for Liberia-2017
We have had several completed kits returned!

click link below for an item list


Liberia Health Kits 2017

Candy & 
Plastic Eggs Needed
   Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
April 16th
Looking for 100 eggs Pre-filled with candy OR
 bring the supplies and we will fill them!
Donation box in reception office.

Thanks for supporting our growing Children’s Ministry! 
Algie Aubrey
Three Rivers Conference
Girls’ Basketball
Coach of The Year!!!!
Time Change!
 Remember to set your
Ahead One Hour
this Sunday
March 12th
Worship and Mid-Day
Food & Fellowship 
Wed. March 8-April 12
11:50 a.m. – 12 noon  Gathering
12 noon – 12:30 p.m. Worship
12:30 p.m.- 1:00  p.m. Lunch
Wednesday, March 15
Location First Bristol 
Preacher; The Rev. Rosa Slavik, Trinity UMC
STILL NEEDED:  Soups, desserts, and clean-up help.  See Julie Blanton or Marguerite Buckley
For complete schedule, click below

Lenten Worship and Lunch Schedule, 2017

1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded.  Pictured below are all recipients.

Blue Ribbon Prizes:
1st Chili:  Doug Taylor, Traditional Spicy Chili
1st Cornbread:  Rebekah McGrady, Jalapeno Cornbread
Thanks to First UMC Youth for sponsoring and hosting the event!   And thanks to each entry and attendee!
Collected:  $235 for youth events

Teens Wednesday Night Activity

March 15th
Hiking at Steele Creek Park
(weather permitting)

Click on the link below to see more exciting Youth events!

Trustee Work Day
Thermostats adjusted…sanctuary carpets cleaned…water fountain repaired…kitchen refrigerator cleaned…AND Children’s Department furniture relocated.


Thanks to Gary Carrier, John & Kathy Mack, Joe Rhymer, Louise Carver, Alan Hale, and Suzanne Goyette for their tireless service!

March 12th
Feed the Hungry” Offering
Bristol Faith in Action
BFIA is a cooperative Outreach ministry of the churches of Bristol and the local community, formed to serve people whose circumstances leave
them with significant physical, emotional, social, or spiritual needs.
 Like what you see in your church newsletter?  Why not
to a friend, neighbor
or co-worker!

Share some good news today!
 Calendar & Events Schedule 
        Week of March 9-15
Thurs, Mar 9:  6:00pm-Yoga with Jean-Yoga Studio
                  6:30pm-Mankind Project
Fri, Mar 10:    5:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room
                  6:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room 
Sat, Mar 11:   8:00pm-NA
Sun, Mar 12:   Daylight Savings Time Begins
                   9:30am-Sunday School Hour
                   9:30am-The River service, TH
                  10:00am-Common Ground Service, Chapel
                  11:00am-Traditional Worship, Sanctuary
(childcare is provided from 9:30am to 12:00pm;children may be picked up at any time)
Mon, Mar 13:  6:00pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room
                  7:00pm-Hispanic Congregation PVUMC

Tues, Mar 14:  8:00am -Men’s Prayer Breakfast-TH


Wed, Mar 15:  11:50am-1:00pm-Lenten Food & Fellowship 

                  Luncheon Series, Location: First-UMC Bristol,

                  Preaching: Rev. Rosa Slavik, Trinity UMC


                  1:15 pm-Book Study, An Altar in This World

                         by Barbara Brown Taylor

                  6:30pm-Youth Activity

                  7:00pm-Chancel Choir



Looking Ahead:   Sunday, March 26, Carol Wright Retirement Reception

 To make changes or additions to the calendar
          contact Alan Gorrell 423-652-7377 
        or Sandy Gorrell 423-652-1987.
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Building A Community Where Anyone
Can Become
A Deeply Committed Christian

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