FUMC Bristol Newsletter Feb 23rd-28th, 2017

Shaw-Anchor Sunday School Class
photography by Kelly Logan

For each of us there are places where the threshold between this world and the next seems so dangerously thin, that with a few more steps, walking through a door or the lifting of a veil. we encounter an entirely
new realm of existence.
The ancient Celts called this space, ‘thin places.
When Moses ran into God in the burning bush wilderness, he was advised to remove his sandals for the arena in which he now stood was ‘holy ground.’ 
With this Sunday’s text as Moses receives the Law on Mt. Sinai and Jesus is transfigured (both on mountain tops) we find ourselves in liminal space
once more.
Scripture is full of threshold experiences!
What can we LEARN from them?
And what in the world shall we DO with them?
February 26th, 2017
Transfiguration Sunday
Launching Lent:

 Ash Wednesday Service
March 1, 6:30 p.m
Join Us! 

Holston Minister’s Convocation
PIgeon Forge, February 20-22, 2017
Focus:  Effective Leadership

 (Pastor Michelle’s synopsis)
Keynote Speaker:  The Reverend Olu Brown
Impact UMC, Atlanta, Georgia
 New Church Start, North Georgia Conference of the UMC
1.  Began with launch team of 25 in 2007
2.  More than 1800 attendees each Sunday, 2017
3.  More than 400 people in small groups yearly
4.  Fastest growing United Methodist Church to date
     Keys to IMPACT CHURCH growth:  
              Vision-statement and goal-oriented  (vision posted and reviewed each Sunday)
              Unique location in old school building to maximize community impact
Leverage building for community programs and ministries
Willing to adapt, be flexible and consistently ‘think outside the box” to reach 21st century
folks with the Gospel.
                 Bob Kesling, The Voice of the Vols (Center)

  Among 13 other other community leaders sharing their best leadership practices for Holston clergy was
 the ”Voice of the Vols‘ for Tennessee Football and Basketball on the Vol Network, Bob Kesling.

Bishop Richard Looney,
interim pastor of Church Street UMC
Knoxville also joined us! 
Health Kits for Liberia-2017
click on the link below for list of items
to collect
Common Ground Fellowship:
at Worship in our Chapel
(Stop by and join them for singing!)
Partnering in Ministry
             Read more about our new friends
in ministry,  mission and shared space!
Coaching for the Church!

Pastor Michelle, New Mexico Clergy Coaching Class, October 2016
After one-year of certified coach training foundational classes, electives, 100+ coaching hours and professional credentialing, Pastor Michelle is one exam away from her International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Coaching Credential.   Thanks to each of you who have put your trust in her for personal coaching sessions.   She indicates that her door is always open to all for any pastoral care and personal/life/marital etc…coaching needs!

Click below to see the difference between COACHING and COUNSELING.  
Meet Amy McMurray
Amy came to The River Service by invitation from her family, Cindi and Gina Carnahan..Amy is mother of two lovely daughters and wife to Eric, After nearly 6 months of faithful attendance, we asked her recently
why she stayed at First?
In addition to meaningful worship, a cutting-edge Sunday School class and a super friendly congregation,

 Amy noted she is attracted to the missional pulse of our church. With her family having provided temporary housing for refugees when she was a youngster, ministries like Family Promise have great appeal to her.  Amy is excited about getting more involved in the various outreach ministries of First.
Be sure to greet her by name when you see her next!
 PERSONAL INVITATION remains the #1 BEST WAY to get folks to church.
People trust people they know.  
Spring is in the Air
Suzanne Goyette & Julie Blanton
have weeded the Children’s Department
raised beds.
Still Needed: someone with a truck to transport compost.
click below to contact Suzanne Goyette

or call
Welcome our New
Bristol Faith in Action
Executive Director 
DeVonne Phipps is an experienced director of human services and an innovative program developer. She has worked as a direct service provider and director in various roles and programs since 1989. She is a Qualified Mental Health Professional, earned her Bachelors of Arts in Human Services and a Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University St.Paul, MN.
DeVonne resides in Abingdon, Virginia.
With the hiring of DeVonne, our Executive Director position has moved to full-time!  A big step of faith!

First UMC is a partner church of BFIA and our pastor serves on the BFIA Board,

Children’s Ministry
We had an exciting lesson today with Donna Camper! 

We also searched for the lost coin & lamb, and herded balloon sheep into a cardboard pen.
Bristol Cooperative Parish
February 14, 2017
Host: First Bristol
Churches represented:

1.  First UMC
2. Addilynn UMC
3. South Bristol UMC
4. Weaver UMC
5. Beech Grove UMC
6. St Luke UMC
Unable to attend that day:
Anderson Street/Virginia Avenue, Trinity, John Wesley and Aldersgate
Worship and Mid-Day
Food & Fellowship 
Wednesday March 8-April 12
11:50 a.m. – 12 noon  Gathering: 12 noon – 12:30 p.m. Worship: 12:30 p.m.- 1:00  p.m. Lunch: 
Wednesday March 8:
Location:  Addilynn UMC
Preacher:  The Rev. Michelle McKinnon-Young, First UMC
Wednesday, March 15
Location:  First Bristol UMC
Preacher; The Rev. Rosa Slavik, Trinity UMC
For complete schedule, click below

Lenten Worship and Lunch Schedule, 2017

Logan Schoenhardt, 10 yrs. old
Sympathies are offered to Ron Schoenhardt on the February 13 death of his grandnephew, Logan Schoendhardt. The 4th grader endured a long, brave battle with brain cancer.

Ron thanks each of you who prayed for Logan, his healing and for his loving family.
Photographic Images From our Members

Traditional Service and Children’s sermon
The River Service and Youth Sunday School
Mark Your Calendars
 Sunday, March 5 at 12:15
Our Youth will host
the event! 
Receiving entries for both Chili and Cornbread!  
Get out your recipes and
get ready!
Teens March 2017 Schedule
The Youth have a really super March schedule planned,
starting with Pinnacle Adventure
Click on the link below to see the exciting events they have lined up!
February 26
“Feed the Hungry” Offering
Local School Missions
Our generous giving helps families within the Bristol School System
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to a friend, neighbor
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 Calendar & Events Schedule 
        Week of Feb 23-28
Thurs, Feb 23: 6:00pm-Yoga with Jean-Yoga Studio
                  6:30pm-Mankind Project
Fri, Feb 24:    5:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room
                  6:30pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room 
Sat, Feb 25:   8:00pm-NA
Sun, Feb 26:   9:30am-Sunday School Hour
                  9:30am-The River service, TH
                  10:00am-Common Ground Service, Chapel
                  11:00am-Traditional Worship, Sanctuary
(childcare is provided from 9:30am to 12:00pm; children may be picked up at any time)

12:15pm-Worship Planning with Faith and Arts
6:00 p.m  Bristol Cooperative Youth Meeting, Beech Grove UMC, Jubilee Project Mission, Rev. Linda Stransky

Mon, Feb 27:    6:00pm-Belly Dancing Class-yoga room
                   7:00pm-Hispanic Congregation PVUMC

Tues, Feb 28:   8:00am -Men’s Prayer Breakfast-TH

                   8:30am-Meals on Wheels

                   12:00pm-Martha Circle-FUMC

                   6:30pm- Yoga with Joe-Yoga Studio


Wed, Mar 1:   1:00 pm-Book Study, An Altar in This World

                             by Barbara Brown Taylor- TH

                  6:30pm-Youth Activity

6:30pm – Ash Wednesday Service

                  7:00pm-Chancel Choir


  To make changes or additions to the calendar

          contact Alan Gorrell 


        or Sandy Gorrell 423-652-1987.

Our Vision-
Building A Community Where Anyone
Can Become
A Deeply Committed Christian

First United Methodist Church

 322 Vance Dr., Bristol, TN 37620


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