FUMC Bristol Newsletter, October 12-18th, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016
Text: Jeremiah 31:27-34
Title: Love and Memory
Sunday Morning Schedule 
9:30-10:30   The River
*9:30-10:30  Sunday School for All Ages
10:30-11:30  Sunday School II
11:00 Traditional/Convergent Worship

(Childcare and Christian educational instruction will be provided from *9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.)

 Parents can pick up their children at any time
during the Sunday morning schedule.
Ready to Launch
Important Lift-Off Meetings!
Thursday, October 13, 5:30 p.m. The River Worship Planning Team
Location:  Church Library

Sunday, October 16, 12:10 p.m.  Worship Team (Re-imagined)
Location:  Church Library

Thursday, October 20, 5:30 p.m  Education Team
Location:  Church Library


Check out our new LIFE GROUP offerings based on your recent survey results.
Click on the group convener e-mail below to get more details and launch dates!
1.  Dinner Clubs/Groups:    Suzanne Rollins
       Meeting in homes at local restaurants for food and fellowship

2.   FUMC Game Club         Rebekah and Andrew McGrady
No experience needed.  Come play with us, make new friends. Board games/more!
3.  The Bag Ladies (and Men, Youth, Children etc…)
 Sue Dietz
Cindi Carnahan
        Handcrafts, art and other service projects for the homeless and beyond
4.  FUMC Youth Group              John Mack
Every Wednesday evening and a myriad of other opps scattered throughout the year
5.  Book Club                            Michelle McKinnon-Young
What are you reading these days?  Let’s study/discuss it together as a group over coffee!
6.  Bible Study                                 Kelly Logan
                                                   Michelle McKinnon-Young

Making connections between Scripture & life, building community and growing spiritually! 

                   More group launches soon!  CHECK THIS SPOT!
(Gourmet cooking, spirituality/yoga, sports & outdoor fitness club, etc…)
Chapel Service Revisited
Weeknight Worship
Launching 2017 

THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, after Worship 
Save a life with only 30-minutes of hands-on instruction!!

The care and use of an


Certified by:
American Heart Assocation
John Mack, Certified Instructor

  Amount Needed Until Year’s End: $58,942       
Contributions to Operating Fund 10/9/2016: $3,324
Amount Needed Weekly: $5,358
Operation Envelope:

Gifts to date: 
Envelopes with suggested donation amounts are still available in the sanctuary.
Prayerfully choose what you can share.

Your gifts DO make a difference!

OCTOBER 23, 2016
By now, you should have received a letter from Pastor Michelle with an  Estimate of Giving Card.   Please prayerfully consider your gifts towards the 2017 ministry year and bring them with you to worship on Sunday, October 23.  
We will, of course, receive your estimate of giving cards before and after that time.
Call Carol in the church office with any questions! 
“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

 October 9th, 2016
 We learned about Moses, whose name means “drawn from the water”.
We dramatically acted out the story of the burning bush, AND
we made our own ‘burning bushes’ with glitter!  WOW! 
Many thanks to our visitor and

Sunday School helper, Simone Bellomo


contributing this week’s photographs!

Simone is a foreign exchange student from Italy who has offered to help Suzanne Goyette periodically with the children.

Annual Church Business Meeting:
Date:: Sun. Oct. 30
Time:: 3:00 p.m
 Location:  St. Luke
First UMC will join with 18 other churches for a 2016  Cluster Charge Conference

Make plans to join us!  
South Sudan Famine, March 1,1993
Pulitzer Photo
The Gravity of Life and Death
 South Sudan in Crisis
As difficult as it is to see, this is the very image that brought Holston Conference into our work with the  South Sudan.
Our Holston Missionaries to the Sudan, the
 Reverend Fred and Libby Dearing report: 
“It’s a God-sized problem. The human condition is deteriorating. There is no food or medicine coming into the country and we are looking at massive famine. And, the fighting continues.”
YOUR Feed the Hungry Offering, October 16
 helps address this human travesty.
The challenges in South Sudan are:
♦ Collapsed economy
♦ Challenged infrastructure
♦ Escalating violence
However, the opportunities are:
♦ The church is still at work
♦ The children of Grace and Greenland Homes are safe  (Holston orphanages)
♦ Pastors and leaders continue God’s work
Help make a difference!
 Upcoming October Birthdays


        20: Leona Wyatt

        21: Richard Rollins

        22: Katye Rollins

        24: Olivia Bittinger

        25: Eshea Prewitt

October Anniversaries
 9: Adam Graybeal & Jennifer Daniels
 10: Adam Wells & Loren Biggs
14: Jim & Brenda Hobbs
 18: Gary Young & Michelle 
22: Andrew & Victoria Hansen
 Calendar & Events Schedule 
 Week of October 12-18
Wed, Oct 12:      5:15pm-Wednesday Night Planning Committee 
                      6:30pm-Youth Activity
                      7:00pm- Chancel Choir Rehearsal
Thurs, Oct 13:    5:30pm-The River Worship Planning Committee 
                      6:00pm-Yoga with Jean
                      6:30pm-Mankind Project
Friday, Oct 14:     5:30pm-Belly Dancing-yoga room
                       6:30pm-Belly Dancing-yoga room 
Saturday, Oct 15:  9:00am-Holston Quilters
Sunday, Oct 16:    9:30-10:30am-The River
                      *9:30-10:30am-Sunday School for all Ages
                      10:30-11:30am-Sunday School II
                      11:00am-Traditional/Convergent worship
(Christian education/childcare from 9:30 a.m.-12 noon weekly) 
                      12:00pm-Worship Team Meeting

Monday, Oct 17:   6:00pm-Belly Dancing-Yoga Room 


Tuesday, Oct 18:   8:00am -Men’s Prayer Breakfast

                       6:30pm- Yoga with Joe


   To make changes or additions to the calendar

          contact Alan Gorrell 423-652-7377
        or Sandy Gorrell 423-652-1987.

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 322 Vance Dr., Bristol, TN 37620


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Building A Community Where Anyone
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