February is Go Red Month


Go Red for Women’s Heart Health” has been the inspiration for our Go Red Sunday which we will celebrate on Sunday, February 8, 2015.  We hope that you will remember to wear red:  that goes for women, men, girls, boys, seniors, and infants! By so doing, we are calling attention to the fact that research shows heart disease

 Be  Active in Worship!
Be Active in Worship!

kills more women than men and that it takes more women’s lives than all forms of cancer combined.

Mark your caledars
Mark your calendars




Stretch and Grow Strong
Stretch and Grow Strong

Eat Healthy!

You can be Active through Ministry!
You can be Active through Ministry!





Go Red!
Go Red!

Remember to follow this advice:

G.  Get your numbers, i.e. blood pressure and cholesterol.

O.  Own your lifestyle.  Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, eat healthy.

R.  Realize your risk.

E.  Educate your family.

D.  Don’t be silent.